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Broom Push Type Floor Clean Sweeper

৳ 1,250.00

  • Breadth and Mop, 2-In-1 Action in the meantime.
  • NO batteries required, basically move along the ground surface
  • Cleans vast region rapidly easily.
  • Launderable and Removeable Microfiber Mop Cloth
  • Earth gathered and put away in body canister

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Description of Broom Push Type Floor Clean Sweeper :

This Broom Push Type Floor Clean Sweeper is fir for the solidified ground to use the wood floor, tile floor, marble floor. Don’t utilize it to clear Uneven ground (Carpets, Foam Pad, and so forth). Not reasonable for clearing the stairs yet. It has a dead corner, the sweeper can clean 98% spots with the exception of the tight royal residences which need to Each cleaner has its dead corner. This floor brush is the need for the family. Basically went for the hair, nutshell, melon seeds shell, pieces of paper, rice, granular garbage. All of these can be cleaned up. Like Mineral water bottle can’t be clear into the waste bin And this isn’t a vacuum cleaner. Additionally can’t clear the modest clean

Feature of Broom Push Type Floor Clean Sweeper :

  • Three-in-one outline: floor brush, tidy scoop, and junk can.
  • Simple to work: 360-degree turning, delicately push on the ground flotsam and jetsam cleared away.
  • 3 roller brush, fantastic swarm, top-notch nylon, clear corners, does not hurt the ground.
  • Reasonable for any hard level floor (wooden floor, plastic floor, marble, clay tile, concrete floor et cetera, aside from the cover.
  • The entire encased stockpiling holders, to keep the flotsam and jetsam drop out, spotless, clear and more helpful.
  • No power supply, vitality sparing, and condition neighborly.

Specifications of Broom Push Type Floor Clean Sweeper :

  • Color: Red
  • Material: Plastic
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Dimensions: 38 x 10 x 21cm


1 x Roller Mop Sweeper


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